Eyelash Extensions

At Beauty Mania, we are highly skilled and experienced in the application of Lash Perfect eyelash extensions. Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions are one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in the UK.

Lash Perfect Eyelash Extensions

Lash Perfect semi permanent eyelashes enhance your natural lashes by adhering a synthetic individual eyelash to each natural eyelash using the finest medical grade adhesive that is EU compliant and comes with an allocated ISO number. Light, comfortable, natural and available in various curls, lengths and thickness, Lash Perfect eyelashes are made of the highest quality materials.

Lashes that Look Natural

These luscious lashes are so natural that no one will ever know the difference. They have a natural curl so you can throw away your eyelash curler. Lash Perfect lashes come in various thickness, colours and lengths.

Ideal for Daily Wear

Lash perfect lashes are perfect for daily wear or for an active lifestyle. Waterproof and durable, you can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker lashes 24 hours a day and for weeks at a time without hassle or inconvenience.